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Scientific publications

Preprints and manuscripts

  1. A.Stavrova, A.Stepanov, Normal structure of isotropic reductive groups over rings. Preprint: arXiv 1801.08748.
  2. A.Stepanov. Structure theory and subgroups of Chevalley groups over rings. Doctor of Science Thesis. 2014. Russian full text. Abstract (in Russian).

Published and accepted articles

  1. R.A.Lubkov, A.V.Stepanov Subgroups of Chevalley groups over rings. Zapiski nauchnyh seminarov POMI 484 (2019), 121137. Full text. To be reprinted in Journal of Mathematical Sciences (New York).
  2. Ya.Nuzhin, A.Stepanov, Subgroups of Chevalley groups of types Bl and Cl contaning the groups over a subring and corresponding carpets. St.Petersburg Math. J. 28:4 (2020), to appear. arXiv preprint (in Russian)
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  5. W.Holubowski, A.Stepanov, Bijections preserving commutators and automorphisms of unitriangular group. Linear and Multilinear Algebra 65:1 (2017), 23–34. DOI:10.1080/03081087.2016.1165170. Preprint arXiv version
  6. A.Stepanov, Structure of Chevalley groups over rings via universal localization. J. Algebra 450 (2016), 522–548. DOI:10.1016/j.jalgebra.2015.11.031. Link to arXiv. (the title of the first version was "Universal localization in algebraic groups").
  7. A.V.Stepanov, Sandwich classification theorem. Int. J. Group Theory 4:3 (2015), 7–12. Link to the article.
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    There is a misprint and an error in Proposition 1.9. Corrections.
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